Wednesday, December 11, 2013

SMART Board Search Engine, Live Updates from TIES 2013, and Top 5 Posts This Year

The TIES Conference 2013 starts on Monday.  I want to keep you all updated with the great information I am getting from the sessions.  I have created a shared Evernote notebook where I will take notes in during the conference.  I will also be tweeting from @ztwins7 during the conference.  Please follow along with me as I will try to keep you up to date on all the great ideas I learn about at TIES 2013.  I will also be writing a special blog post about these ideas next Wednesday.

This week’s tech tip is a Custom SMART Notebook Search Engine – This search engine will search 180 sites to find the best SMART Board Resources.  This will help focus your search, but give you some other sites besides SMART Exchange to find lessons you can utilize in your classroom.

I also wanted to highlight the top 5 blog posts so far this year:

  1. Assessment Tools Part 1-Google Forms
  2. Assessment Tools Part 2 - Socrative
  3. Great Resource for Non-Fiction Articles
  4. SMART Board as an Instructional Tool 
  5. Classroom Blogs-Learning How to Write a Quality Comment

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