Wednesday, October 9, 2013

SMART Board as an Instructional Tool

This week I am going to take a break from assessment tools and share some SMART Board resources with you.  The SMART Board can be a great instructional tool but sometimes we can get in a SMART Board "rut" and not know what else we can do with it.  My hope is with the following resources you will give you some ideas to jump-start your SMART Board use this year.

Below I have listed some links to videos featuring some of my favorite tools in SMART Notebook.  I also created a list of my top 11 sites to find free interactive SMART Board resources.

·         Interactivity
·         Video and Audio

·         Customizing and Using Lessons

·         Finding Lessons online-Top 11 sites for finding resources

Please leave a comment with any other great instructional ideas or resources I can add to the list.  Also, let me know if I can support you in any way with your use of the SMART Board in your classroom.

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