Tuesday, January 14, 2014


This week I am highlighting one of the tools I will be presenting during my MLK day presentation.  Flipgrid was introduced to me through twitter a few months ago.  Teachers can create a grid of questions and students respond with a short video response (90 seconds).  The teacher can then moderate these videos or automatically post them to their grid where anyone with the grid password can view them.

The  Flipgrid admin page is designed to be very user friendly.  You can moderate and password protect each grid of questions you create.  There are no student accounts needed to use this site which allows them to focus on their response not their user info.  You can request a 21 day trial of  Flipgrid and then it offers a very reasonable yearly subscription fee.  

I can see teachers using this powerful site in many different ways:

  • Responding to questions about a book
  • Sharing data from a lab experiment
  • Explaining how to solve a math problem
  • Sharing different viewpoints on historical events
  • Recording a phrase or discussion in World Language class

This tool would work best for grades 7-12, but could be used for other grades with parent permission.  Please leave a comment on how you are already using  Flipgrid or how you plan to use it.

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