Thursday, September 19, 2013

Assessment Tools Part 1-Google Forms

My next few tech tips will be focused on the topic of assessment tools.  Correcting and analyzing assessment data can be very time consuming.  Over the few weeks I am going to share a few technology tools that will help save you time and seamlessly organize your data for you.  I will give some highlights of each tool, but please contact me if you want to learn more about any of the tools.

Google Forms:
Our district uses Microsoft 365, but Google forms (free) is still a tool from Google that I use regularly.  This summer they have added many new features, but one of the most significant is the video question option.  I like Google forms due to its simplicity, ability to self-correct, and data organization.  

Check out this great link which shows how Google forms can be used to create self-grading quizzes.  This would be a great alternative to scantron cards and it is much easier to analyze the results.  Google also provides a video question option along with a way to insert images into questions as well.  The forms are easily printable using the printer friendly format for those who can’t complete them online.  

Google forms collect multiple choice, rating scales, essays, and short answer questions.  Depending on the question type it will also organize the data and put it in a graph for you to easily analyze.
This would be a great tool to use when you are creating and analyzing data from your common formative assessments or summative assessments.  You can even collaborate with others to create a form and analyze the results.  Please contact me if you are interested in trying this tool in your classroom.

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