Thursday, November 21, 2013

Classroom Blogs-Learning How to Write a Quality Comment

One of the most powerful features of a classroom blog is commenting.  Creating quality comments helps encourage a discussion and provides more encouragement for the author of the post.  Helping my students comment was a challenge in my own classroom and many other teachers have asked me about this as well.  I have created this post filled with resources and ideas to help you model what good commenting looks like.

The first resource is a post from Mrs. Yollis.  She has been blogging for the past few years with her students.  She has created 4 tips which I think will really help provide a structure for students to use while commenting on others posts.

Here are the 4 tips she shares: 

  1. Compliment the writer in a specific way!
  2. Add new information
  3. Make a connection
  4. End with a question
She has also written a great post sharing about quality comments.

Here is another great post on Edublogs about Writing Quality Comments

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