Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Top 5 Visited Tips of the Year-Kid Friendly Search Engines

During the month of May I will be sharing the top 5 visited tech tips this year.  Each week I will link to the original post and add to it.

Kid Friendly Search Engines:   In this post I put together a list of kid friendly search engines your students can use.  Most of these sites use Google, but have been adapted to be safe for students to use.

A few weeks ago I posted directions on how to create your own custom Google search engine.  This would be another option which allows you to choose the sites that will be searched.  It also lets you set other parameters for students.  Create a Custom Google Search Engine

Throughout this year I also found some great search tactics for teachers and students and Google search resources. I hope these sites and tips will help students focus their searches using "student friendly" search engines. 

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