Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Three Ring - easily collect and organize student work in a digital binder

As a district we have focused on formative assessment this year.  I know in my classroom it was always tricky to collect student work and easily keep it organized to use for future instructional purposes.  I came across Threering a few months ago, but want to share it in this weeks tech tip of the week.  This website allows you to easily set up a class and collect student work samples via video, audio, and photos.  This site has an android and IOS app that you can download and use your cell phone or tablet to collect their work. You can also access everything on the Threering website.  The other really cool feature of this tool is that students can also upload their own work using their devices and you can share all or part of their digital binder with parents via an email address.  This site is really easy to use and will allow you to collect student work samples over time and communicate easily and effectively with parents.  This would also make it really easy to bring up student data for PLC's or parent teacher conferences. 

Classroom Integration Ideas:
  • capture pictures of students work (notebooks, rubrics, etc)
  • record fluency data for elementary
  • record video of presentations 
  • peer feedback
  • please leave a comment below with any further ideas

Video explaining some of the features of Three Ring

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