Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Creating a Custom Google Search Engine and Google Maps Streetview Player

Custom Google Search Engine
In my third grade classroom there were many times I wanted my students to do research or do further investigations during an inquiry project.  Of course students want to Google everthing, but I wanted to have some control over the sites that Google was searching.  That is now possible by creating a custom Google search engine.  This will allow you as a teacher to pick specific sites for Google to search.  This may be helpful if you are narrowing the search by content, reading level, or connection to the topic they are researching.  The video below shows how to set up this great tool for your classroom.

Google Maps Street view Player
Google street view is a cool way to see pictures of street views in certain areas.  Have you ever wanted to piece all those together to make a street view tour?  Well now you can by using Google Maps Street View Player.  This allows you to pick an origin and destination and the software will create a guided street view tour of the trip.  What a cool way to show a road trip that characters in your story traveled or use in a geography lesson.  This tool has tons of great capabilities for the classroom and is super easy to use.  Check out the tour I created of the Michigan Mile in Chicago.

Michigan Mile Tour

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