Wednesday, May 22, 2013

4 Free Online Storage Options

The end of the year brings excitement for the summer and reflection on all the learning that has happened over the course of the year.  You also spend lots of time going through and organizing the files and resources you have created/collected over the course of the year.  Many of us do this with our paper files, but sometimes forget to backup and purge our digital files.  

The tech tip this week is going to focus on 4 free file storage options to backup and organize files that are accessible anywhere using your computer, cellphone, or tablet.  I have listed the 4 options I would recommend and some tips to help you organize your files.

How many files can I store?
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This tool is a Microsoft product and a great way to store files.  You get 7GB of free storage.  

Google Drive allows you to save up to 5GB for free.

Dropbox provides you with 2GB of free storage and allows you to earn more if you refer others.

I have never used uploading it, but it provides you with 10GB of free file storage.

Flash drives are another very reasonable option to back up your files.  They are relatively cheap (under $10 for a 16GB) and are even less expensive to buy in the fall during back to school time.

File Organization Tips:
  • If you haven’t used it for a few years delete it
  • I would back up my files regularly, but for sure once a year
  • I personally have Dropbox linked between my computer and cell phone and use that strictly to back up all the pictures I take.  It also makes it easy to access photos from my phone on my computer.
  • Lose the folders-If you come up with a naming pattern for your files to make them easily searchable you can get rid of your folders. 
    • Ex- Reading_unit 1_three blind mice  - I can now search by subject, unit, or story without having to sort through a bunch of folders
  • Please share any other techniques you use to organize your digital files

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