Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Primary Docs, Live Stats, and Game Based Vocabulary

This week we are taking a break from iPads and I found some resources that focus on some specific areas and grade levels.  I will list the grades and skills I would recommend using each of these sites for.  If you have any implementation questions let me know.

Social Studies - 7-12
docs teach- richard byrne
I came across this presentation by Richard Byrne about using primary sources in your classroom.  He gives some great suggestions in his presentation of various sites that you can use.  I would highly recommend checking these out.  If you view his presentation you can click on the slides and it will take you directly to the site he is talking about.  Here is his Link to information and presentation 

Math - 5-12 - Stat Silk
As you are teaching various levels of math I am sure you have searched for real life data to analyze in your classrooms.  I came across this interactive map site called Stat Silk which allows you to select the data you want to analyze and it will create a graph and data table for you to use.  This site seems really easy to use and allows you to quickly sort and analyze data on the fly.  Please leave a comment below on how you have been able to implement this tool.  

Here are some implementation ideas:
  • practice reading graphs (great for MCA practice)
  • critically analyzing data and brainstorming cause and effect 
Vocabulary Building K-12: found on Richard ByrneI also found this great site on Richard Byrne's site Free Technology for Teachers.  This site is a game based learning site based on the foundations of the dictionary.  This site blends interactive video vocabulary with word-based learning games.  Teachers can measure progress and performance through this site and students can learn through games.  Check out this site at Wordia

 (adapted from posts by Richard Byrne - Free Technology for Teachers

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