Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Assessment as Learning

Our district is currently learning about the topic of formative assessments.  This creates a rich opportunity for assessment as learning in which students monitor their progress and have specific criteria they need to meet.  Rubrics are a great tool in this form of assessment and many of you are already using these in your classroom.  In this weeks tech tip of the week I am going to highlight a few sites which allow you to quickly and easily create rubrics online.  I first want to share a resource that explains a little more on how to write/create quality rubrics.  I also want to share a great article that really explains what assessment as learning looks like in the classroom.

3 online Rubric creation tools:
  1. RubiStar - Free tool for teachers to create quality rubrics
  2. iRubric - This is another free tool which gives you access to many rubrics and allows you the ability to create your own.  Another cool feature is it allows you to assess students right on your iPad or device.
  3. Project Based Learning Checklists - This site has preset forms ready for you to adapt to your needs.  The site will allow you to choose from preset criteria or make your own.  Once you have adapted it the site will make a checklist for your project.  This appears to be a huge time saving tool for assessing student projects and the components that accompany them.

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