Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Underground Railroad

I got an email yesterday with the January and February Scholastic resources.  I noticed they have tons of great underground railroad resources

Here are some of the resources:
  • Harriet Tubman's readers theatre
  • Underground railroad book videos
  • Slideshows with important themes from that time in history
  • Activities, online and offline, that investigate the people, places, and events of the 1800s.
  • Primary Resources
You can use these resources individually or Scholastic has put together an interactive journey along the railroad. (SMART Board Compatible)
Screenshot from www.scholastic.com
This looks like a great resource for multiple levels.  They also have audio attached for all parts that have reading which makes it great for younger students.  Please leave a comment with any other resources you use, or something great you found on the site.

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