Friday, December 7, 2012

3 iPad Apps to Assess Reading Fluency and Track Comprehension

A teacher asked me for a fluency app that would track students fluency so they could listen to it when they are finished.  Below are three apps that I found during my search.


Record of Reading:

The record of reading app allows you to record a student reading a passage and fill out a running record form simultaneously.  It has some shortcuts to save you time while you fill out the running record and the student's audio will be attached to the running record.  You can then email this record or save it.  This app is very easy to use and is a great way to keep running records of students reading.


Running Record Calculator:

This app is also very easy to use and quickly allows you to record students reading and then mark their errors and WPM.  Once you click record you can flag parts of the audio to go back to later.  When the student finishes the reading you enter the WPM, Errors, and SC.  The app will automatically calculate the accuracy for you.  In the Lite and  Pro Version you can email yourself the record, but with the pro version it will attach the audio to the email so you can listen to it again.  This app would be a great way to keep track of student's reading accuracy throughout the year.

Readers Workshop:

This app is my favorite.  It is very similar to a pensive you would use with the Daily 5/Cafe.  It allows you to keep track of your conferring with students.  You can track how they are doing on different comprehension strategies by clicking on a rating scale.  You can also save notes about that student and the book they are reading.  My favorite feature is that you can record audio of yourself or the student that is part of your conference notes.  The app will then create a graph of their progress and allow you to easily go back and check in on each student.  This would be a great app to collect data on your students during conferring sessions.

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