Thursday, November 1, 2012

Utilizing YouTube and Discovery Ed Videos in Your SMART Notebook Lessons

Video is a powerful tool that you can use within your classroom for many purposes.  Today we are going to focus on how to put these videos into your SMART Board lessons so you can easily access them during your instruction.  Our distritct has access to Discovery Ed and the other type I will show is YouTube.  I will show how these videos can be downloaded and embedded, and also include some implementation ideas.  Please remember when you are using a video this way that you should give credit within your lesson to the original video creator.  This is a great way to model digital citizenship to our students.


Discovery Ed:

Implementation Ideas:
  • Create lessons utilizing videos for discussion or to build anticipation for the content
  • Build your SMART Notebook documents to include these videos to avoid buffering/having them become unavailable
  • A great way to have students create presentations so they can use video without having to wait to view it during the presentation (remember to cite the video)
  • A way to include only the segments of a video you want within your instruction instead of having to search and find the exact spot within the video

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