Thursday, November 29, 2012

2 SMART Board Tips and 10 Google Search Tips

Since many of you have SMART Boards in your room or may use the software to create lessons I am going to share two tools that will save you time and enhance your instruction. 

Dual Page and Pin Page
Many times during a lesson you want to show two pages or keep one page stationary and scroll through other pages.  This tool works great in math if you want to keep the teaching example up and scroll through other pages while students are continually referring back to the example.  This may also be helpful in reading to keep a passage up and scroll through some questions or prompts that get students thinking while they are still able to see the passage page.  Below I have created a short video explaining how to create both a dual page and how to pin a page.


Internet Browser in SMART Notebook
When I have created lessons in SMART Notebook I include links that allow me to navigate to a internet browser outside of the software.  Now SMART has included a browswer within their software so you can include that in your lessons.  In the video I show how to quickly and easily drag images from this browser to use in your lessons.  I also show how to add these images to "My content" for later use.  This tool allows you to easily navigate to a internet browswer within the flow of your lesson.  Below is the video explaining how to insert a browser and how easy it is to use.

Ten Google Search Tips for Kids
I have seen some of the searches that kids do on Google.  No wonder sometimes their searches do not come up with the information they expect.  The document below gives you ten Google search tips you can implement in your classroom.

Techniques Google Search Star

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