Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Technology Integration

I am very excited to start my new job helping teachers integrate technology into their classrooms.  I am  by no means an expert, but hope to be a support to everyone throughout the year to enable them to use technology to enhance their instruction.  

Here are a couple housekeeping things:

  1. Please subscribe to my blog.  I will be posting weekly updates on  tools or websites that would be beneficial to all teachers K-12.  If you subscribe then you will get an email update when I have updated this site.  
  2. Please feel free to comment on posts with other resources or ideas that I may have missed.
  3. If you want to schedule me to be in your classroom please click on the red "book appointment" button in the upper right hand corner.  This will give you a list of available times that I will be able to work with you.  
  4. Please see attached Google calendar which lists upcoming training opportunities.  As of right now every Thursday I will be leading a technology training that will cover a broad scope of topics.
This blog will be a tremendous resource to us all as I try to keep you up to date with upcoming trainings and resources available.


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