Thursday, August 30, 2012

Kidblog in the Reading Classroom

Kidblog is a very simple blogging tool which is made by a teacher for teachers.  I used this tool last year to facilitate discussion and interaction within my reading group time.  My book club groups would post questions they had while they were reading.  Then members of their group would view their questions and respond within the comments section.  Students then would have the opportunity to reply back to their comments as they are posted.  This created great reflection and discussion between the members of each group.  It reinforced higher level questioning, and challenged student's to support their answers with text support.

This slide show and videos are a great introduction to Kidblog:

Here are a couple other ways you could implement Kidblog in your classroom:
  1. Use it as a portfolio to collect student learning.
  2. Reading Station:
    1. Have them answer the questions listed on each "Wonder of the Day" on Wonderopolis.
    2. Personal blog to share things they are learning while inquiring about a topic. 
    3. Commenting on other students work
  3. Digital Notebook for a subject area or a leadership notebook
I know there are tons of different ways to use this resource, and please share any of your ideas in the comment area below.


  1. We use kidblogs year round for blogging about books. It's a great way for students to develop their writing skills and build a reading community!

  2. Hey stranger! I'm up in 4th this year, and so wish we had grad time to talk about edtech! I'm totally going to hook up with Kidblog this year!

    Peacocks & Penguins